Location,TX 75035,USA

BVCLS Memberships


Annual Family memberships are an investment of $50 and run through the school calendar year from September to August. Membership mid year will be prorated.

Membership Benefits

  • Invitations to events and education resources, classes, programs, mentors and facilitators.
  • Increased access to unique BVCLS programming, discounted to members.
  • Voting privileges at AGM.
  • Access to the EdGE learning centre offerings and space dedicated to the above vision and classroom booking requests.
  • Access to resources and resource lending library.
  • Inclusion and voice in the development of a new education model.
  • Volunteer opportunities to gain insight or work experience.
  • Become part of the creation of something great!
  • Insurance Liability Coverage for programs and facility.
  • Wifi internet access at the EdGE.
  • Access to FLOW learning labs, and FLOW Robotics Club.
  • Access to Climb High Outdoor program
  • Tutoring (Literacy and more)
  • Mentorship programs