Ranger Park Building 3736 - A 16th Ave Smithers BC

EdGE Heartwood


EdGE Heartwood  is a community-created, exploration and inquiry-based, grade k-9 blended distributed learning (DL) program in Smithers, BC. 

Group learning program days happen in intimate groups of less than 15 students, 1-2 days a week. Families continue their learning at home on the other days of the week.

Each group is guided by 2-3 adults (educators, mentors, and parents) who bring their education, passion,and experience to the students of Edge.  Educators have the support of an EA and/or parent volunteer in the classroom, and older students who can assist and guide younger students. The older students are provided the opportunity for leadership and a chance to reinforce their own learning through this role.

What Heartwood provides to home learners is the opportunity for BC certified, educator-lead, group learning days. This allows the teacher/Learning Consultant a more accurate assessment of the student’s learning; families an opportunity for more support in the education of their child; and the child, an opportunity for group learning and deep friendships.

EdGE works in collaboration with Navigate NIDES from School District 71 (SD71) of Comox, as a part of the Heartwood Learning Community. While we are administratively associated with SD71, we are a Smithers-based program and learners do not need to be located in SD71 to participate.

We are a community consciously creating an opportunity for children and adults to come together to discover, create, play, reflect, and learn. Our goal is to offer families a space in which delivery of curriculum is personalized and respects the priorities and values of the family, is individualized to the learner, and is supported as a “triangle of joined responsibility”, where educator, parent, and learner are all equal participants in guiding the learning.

Our class content, activities, schedule, and grade grouping evolve year-to-year. Join us at EdGE Heartwood and become part of our vibrant learning community! With an inspiring and engaged team by your side, your kids will be supported on their educational journey.