Location,TX 75035,USA

Board of Directors & Staff

We have an incredible board of amazing  individuals who give of their time, talent and treasure to support everything that EdGE offers.  Many on the board are founding members and keep the vision alive and moving forward. 


Derek Willmott: Director

Alethia Perry: Chair – president.bvcls@gmail.com

Jessica Meadow: Treasurer/Secretary – treasurer.bvcls@gmail.com

Adrianne Rosenberger: Grant Coordinator

Karolina Wenzel: Co-Chair


Sarah Wright: Programs Director, Little Spruce Facilitator, Heartwood Collaborator

Lisa Perry: Heartwood Collaborator, and Community Outreach Facilitator

Hayden Drygas: Heartwood Teacher

Derek Willmott : Climb High Facilitator, and Heartwood Collaborator

Nick Telles: Heartwood Teacher and Flow Learning Labs Facilitator

Clare Aries: Heartwood Collaborator, SEA

Katie Wertz: SEA

Joanne Sear: Heartwood Teacher