Location,TX 75035,USA


EdGE Learning Centre

The Bulkley Valley Collaborative Learning Society (BVCLS) began as a grassroots effort by a small but dedicated group of parents and educators. Together, our group envisioned an opportunity to fill the gap of education options available to our community.  

BVCLS believes that children learn, they are not taught. As such we aim to provide a wide range of deep and stimulating experiences from which our children can learn.  Providing exposure to community mentors in a wide variety of fields may help our children to know themselves better.  They can discover what their interests, aptitudes, and abilities are and dive deeper into those fields that excite them. 

We believe that the child who knows themself well, can better serve their family, community, environment, and have the capacity to create the solutions needed for future problems and challenges.   

We are re-imagining education. What if it is less about subjects and mastering a certain skill at a certain age, and more about diving in deep where you are most interested and able? If our current education model was created to serve the needs of the industries at the time, and our times and needs have since changed, we believe it is time we evolve the way in which we educate our future global citizens.